The Doctrine of Dependent Origination

Theravada Doctrine of Dependent Origination

An essay on the core teaching of dependent origination according to suttas of the Theravada tradition.


  1. dear Hui-Feng, i think i might need a password to view your essay on dependent origination. would you very kindly give it to me. namaste, Tom. xxx

  2. I would like to know more the dependent origination particularly about Chinese versions.

  3. Good Day Hui-Feng,

    Do you need a password for each of your essays or will one password open all and feed me knowledge? If I can, I would like to start with Dependent Origination, digest that and move on to others. Is that possible?

    With Metta


  4. Only those which are marked "password required", the rest are open access.
    The dependent origination essay has no password on it. So, feel free to check it out.


  5. Thanks for sharing with us of your work

  6. Hi Huifeng,

    I noticed two typos:
    1) Near the bottom of page 2, it says "Four Ayra Truths" which of course should be "Four Arya Truths."

    2) Near the bottom of page 8, it says "network of conditional relation," but the plural "relations" needs to be used.

    Overall, I enjoyed your essay, and finished it wanting to find out more about Dependent Origination--which I presume was its aim.