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Dear Friends

I am aware that recently, a few friends have checked out this Blog, and probably downloaded a file or two.  Please feel free to leave your comments, as I feel that feedback is very important. 



  1. Hello Ven.

    This is a nice looking blog but why are your posts password protected? It looks more like some sort of secret society! (j/k)

    Is this a private blog for an elite few only?

  2. Hi Elaine

    Thanks. Only a couple of posts are protected, because they are "works in progress". A few friends know how to access them. All the other files are free to access, and hope that others may benefit from the content therein. :)


  3. Hello Ven.

    Looking forward to read your blog entries.
    May all beings be well and happy and may we be mindful in every moment. :)

  4. Hello,

    This is Gerald Ford from E-sangha (among other Buddhist venues), and I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

  5. Venerable Huifeng,

    I can't open the documents on the ''previous page'': everything from ''Religious and Philosophical Background to Buddhism'' to ''Great Compassion Repentance (Dabei Chan)'' doesn't open on my computer (the others do).
    I'm especially interested in your essay on Dependent Origination. I just read your ''Trisvabhava and Marga-Satya'' and did not really understand a lot of it. I hope my understanding of such academic works will grow at university next year (religious studies, Leiden University).

    wishing you all the best!

  6. Hi Fedde & Piotr

    I think I've fixed the problem.
    Hopefully everything should be hunky dory again.

    Huifeng :)

  7. Wow! Huifeng has a blog now! Cool!

  8. I am richard allen gray rallengray@hotmail.com

  9. this looks like my kind of blog...good luck, keep up the good work, you have just attained another repeat visitor

  10. How to get password to enter protected files?

  11. The passwords are given to known friends of the blog owner, Huifeng. :)
    Have we met before? Maybe under another name?

  12. Yes, we could have met in many lives and under different different names :) Anyway, I'm keen in reading up more on Master Yinshun and renjen fojiao but it's a pity that I could only do English. Thought some of your ongoing, protected works on the Master is of interest to me. Metta~

  13. Yes, we could have met in many lives and under different different names Anyway, I’m keen in reading up more on Master Yinshun and renjen fojiao but it’s a pity that I could only do English. Thought some of your ongoing, protected works on the Master is of interest to me. Metta~

  14. Hi
    Just a reminder - though some posts are password protected, the majority are not. Please feel free to download anything you can!


  15. Hi 慧峰法师,

    I have followed the link from your profile at e-sangha and found this blog here. Have just registered myself. Looking forward for more of your posts and hope to learn more from you.

    KamLeong (some1)

  16. Venerable,
    Please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong place. I have read and learned much from your posts on esangha and now with that forum down for who knows how long , I would invite you to please join Zen Forum International at http://www.zenforuminternational.org/. There are already a number of esangha members there and I know that all would benifet from your knowledge.
    Thank You
    Lawrence Renyer

  17. Venerable,
    E-sangha is down for past 1 month. Before this, I have been benefiting a lot from reading your posts over there (which is less formal and much interactive comparing to the materials posted here). I wonder if you have continue to post in another forum. If yes, would you mind to let us know is that alternate site?

    By the way, there seems to be quite a number of people moving to www.buddhist-community.com. I am not too comfortable there as I see a number of hostile posts there.

    KamLeong (some1)

  18. Dear Huifeng,

    being now in this blog, i just tried to read your "Yinshun"-Articles, but although I wrote my password, I can't get access to it, there only appears a kind of "blank sheet". Can you help me?

  19. Hello Haiyin

    Because some of the Yinshun articles are draft translations, I don't usually make them public, for fear of having inaccurate drafts floating around all over the web.

    However, I do make them available for some friends. May I inquire as to your interest in Yinshun and his writings? Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?

    - Huifeng

  20. Huifeng;

    I don’t know if you’re avoiding ZFI or if current circumstances don’t allow you to participate at ZFI. I sent a PM to you about 10 days ago which I hope you will read.

    Take care and be well.


  21. Dear Huifeng,

    I would like to deeply thank for the opportunity to read his translations of texts by Venerable Yin Shun.
    Keep me informed of new translations.
    I wonder if you want to make public access to his translations of Kumarajiva.


    Hone Bukuro

  22. Huifeng;

    Well, you haven’t read my PM at ZFI and I don’t know that you read my ‘post’ to your blog, but I’ll ‘post’ my PM to you. Here it is:

    Upon reflection . . . I feel badly that I may have unintentionally caused you distress because of things I posted, specifically about Daniel Ingram, and things I did, specifically complain about a passage in a post of yours which I believed was inappropriate and a violation of ZFI’s TOS.

    Regarding Daniel Ingram, I quoted his passage because it expresses my view and understanding of the Dharma and he said it so well. I was thinking of the passage, not Daniel’s other views when I posted and I was unaware that you felt so strongly about him and his views.

    Regarding my complaint, I voiced my complaint to the moderators because I felt it was the right action, not to harm you.

    Having said that, I acknowledge I may have caused you distress. I am sorry.

    I also want to acknowledge my appreciation for the concern you showed for my well being. Thank you.

    And you can decide if I’m following your good advice or if I’m off the mark: I’m not a scholar, but I do read the suttas and sutras, ancient and modern commentaries, and contemporary writings. I also listen to Dharma talks available on the Internet. I have a long-term ‘regular’ meditation practice, but I have not done retreats. Regarding teachers, Daniel is not my teacher. I sit with a variety of visiting teachers at my local non-sectarian peer-led sangha. But I do have one ‘favorite’ teacher, Zoketsu Norman Fischer of the Everyday Zen sangha ( http://www.everydayzen.org/ ). I have sat with Norman a handful of times and listened to his podcasts regularly for about 2 or 3 years. This week I’m listening to Norman’s third lecture on Mahayana Buddhism about Yogocara ( http://www.everydayzen.org/index.php?Itemid=26&task=viewTeaching&sort=title&option=com_teaching&id=1024 ).

    In any case, I hope there are no hard feelings between us :peace:


  23. Dear Huifeng,

    Thankyou very much for the Liturgy pdf files with chinese/pinyin/english! It is very hard to find in this combination. But you have made it available esp the jing and zhou(s) I needed.
    Thankyou once again and much appreciation,


  24. Thank you for posting the Verse to Ven Master Yin-shun's book, I will share with all and source your blog I like you blog very much, you can findsome excerpts from Miao Yun parts 1, 2,4,& 5 on my blog, please take and share